Photo by
Vincent Boutin

The museum dedicated to Pierre Soulages opened in 2014 in Rodez, the artist’s birthplace. “The greatest living French painter” as he’s been defined in France and abroad. The great master of abstractionism.

The museum, realized by the Spanish group RCR , can’t help but reflect the poetry of the artist. The numerous techniques he has used are evoked in the appearance of the building. Various monolithic cubes rise from a base, and inside, this creates different types of spaces that are used according to the works on display: paintings on canvas or paper, etchings, lithographs, serigraphy, bronzes or paintings under glass.  

Even light, a theme that is dear to the master, is changeable, creating a path that alternates moments of almost semi-darkness to show the fragile works on paper created with the “walnut stain” technique to areas with brighter lighting to display the Outrenoirs or the naturally sized stained glass windows from the abbey of Sainte-Foy de Conques.