Photo by
Lewis Bush

Sir John Soane’s Museum, the “house-museum” of the great English neoclassical architect, houses  his library, the archive of his designs and important collection of antiquities and works of art.  The interiors - characterized by a sequence of areas laid out in an eclectic manner, enhanced with neo-gothic, picturesque elements and Masonic symbols - maintains the feel of how it was back in that era with the furnishings and original art collections as they were.

The display cases and the furniture realized by Goppion are characterized by the highest levels of technological performance,  perfectly hidden under a classic exterior:  the wood panels and finishings (all certified in terms of origin, traceability and quality control) are very similar to the original red mahogany found in the furnishings in the residence.  The panels also underwent a French-polishing technique that dates back to the Victorian era.