Photography helps to deepen our perception of museums and look at them more creatively

This section contains a selection of reports by major photographers in museums across the world for which Goppion has designed, manufactured, and installed exhibition systems.

Our goal is to offer museum professionals a rich visual documentation to supplement the material made available by museums themselves on their websites and in printed publications.

These photo essays will not replace the unique, unrepeatable experience of an actual visit. However, we believe they provide a valuable aid for all those who work in the museum world, as they illustrate installations designed for different purposes, reflecting different cultural approaches and interpretations.

In particular, we hope the photographs will help users to:

  • compare installations that are physically far apart and hard to reach
  • carefully examine visual elements and details that may have escaped their attention during a visit conducted in haste or in crowded surroundings
  • plan better-informed visits to museums that interest them.